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SAMPERG KABLES is a market leader in connectivity solutions for communications networks. It is the behind-the-scenes connection that helps the world to communicate — at work, at home and on the go, by committing to integrity, innovation, quality and performance and, by building these values into every transaction. "SAMPERG" is a product of ISO 9001:2000 Company. We have grown to become leaders in our businesses as well as in our commitments to our people & our communities. " SAMPERG KABLE has established itself has one of the most powerful and recommended Supplier of Cat 5E, Cat6, Telephone Cables, Co-axial, CCTV, Armoured & other special cables. Today SAMPERG has been known for Quality & Safety in growing global market, embarked on a continuous process of expansion and modernization, which enabled it to become the most diversified cable manufacturer in the country.

To be a Leading Cable supplier in the growing global market


To maintain strong customer relation by delivering quality standards

  Customer focus:  

Customer focus is the priority and applies both to products & services. To achieve this, we are committed to deliver Just-In-Time keeping highest quality standard so they receive no less than they need & that they don't pay for more than they really require.

  Quality Policy:  
Samperg believes in Total Quality Assurance right from understanding the client requirements, Procurement, Manufacturing, Packaging, Logistics & after Sales Service.... Continuous efforts are laid by quality control department to ensure the standards and specification which lengthens the life of the cable and improves the application of the services, each consignment is tested with modernised quality instruments... "SAMPERG" meets the highest International/National standards prevalent worldwide
  Our Product Range:  

1. Hook-up Wires: - Wiring of Electronic products, instruments panel,      TV, Telecom, etc.

  2. Computers Cables: - Multistrand, Multicore, Unshielded/Shielded,      Jacketed cables upto 68 cores.  
  3. Paired / Twisted paired cables: - 2 Pair onwards.  
  4. RS 232, IEEE 802.5, RS 485 cables.  

5. LAN Cables: - Thick Ethernet, Thin Ethernet, LAN Networking CAT- 5 &     Drop Cables.


6. Communication Cables: - For internal EPABX & Telecommunication      wiring and Telephone cables.

  7. Co-axial Cables 50 Ohms: - RG 58, RG 8, RG 213, RG 214, and
     RG 223.
  8. Co-axial Cables MATV/CATV 75 E low loss cables. RG-11, RG-6, RG-59,     RG-8.  

9. Special Co-axial Cables: - RG-174, RGB, Mono VGA, RG-62, Twinaxial     Cables, Triaxial Cables.


10. Medical Cables for use in X-ray machines, ECG, monitoring & other       applications.


11.  Special cables for Analog & Digital applications.


12. Special designed OEM cables, Cable Assembly & harness.


13. We are also manufacturing moulded & crimped cable assemblies as       per OEM specifications.

        (a)  3 Pin Power Cord for computers appliances & other electronic              products.  
        (b)  3 Pin Mains Cord.  
  14. We also manufacture armoured cables    
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